Pawcassos Pet Spaw - A full service pet salon and spa.
We have two main grooming packages for you to choose from. We offer grooming and bathing services mainly to dogs and cats, but we are open to other requests. 

Bath & Tidy -
Includes a bath, nail cut, a sanitary trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. 
Cat* - $45
Small Dog - Short Hair $19
                        Long Hair $29
Medium Dog - Short Hair $29
                             Long Hair $39
Large Dog - Short Hair $39
                        Long Hair $49
Extra Large Dog- Short Hair $49
                                  Long Hair $59
Giant Dog- Short Hair $59+
                       Long Hair $69+

*Please note: Bath prices are based on dogs without heavy undercoat or matting and who do not require over 30 minutes of brushing.  If they require more brushing there is an additional charge of $15 per each additional 30 minutes of brushing.

Full Grooming -
Includes a hair cut, bath, nail cut, a sanitary trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning.
Cat Grooming* - $65
Small Dog Grooming- $39
Medium Dog Grooming - $49
Large Dog Grooming - $59
Extra Large Dog Grooming- $69
Giant Dog Grooming- $79+

*Please note: Groom prices are based on basic haircuts that do not require extra brushing to remove mats or heavy undercoat (over 30 minutes).  It also does not include specialized styling that requires extra time and scissoring. Your groomer can discuss details and estimated pricing for these circumstances at the time of drop off.

We do groom cats, however not all cats do well being groomed. If your cat is too stressed for grooming, you will be asked to pick up your pet, no fee.

Hair dye -
Hair dye for small dogs or a small area - starting at $5 per area

Hair dye for a large dog or a larger area - Price varies depending on area to be dyed and complexity of the dye job. 

Other Services - 
Toothbrushing - $5

Furminator, deshedding service - $10+

Nail painting -$5

Massage for dogs - $15+

Walk-in nail trims or grindings -$7 for trim, $12 for trim and grinding - available for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, etc. 

Holiday Photos- Free with purchase!

Shampoos and Perfumes
Specialty shampoos  and conditioners are available on request for a small additional fee. Click on the link called "Shampoos & Perfumes" to view the available options.


Daily Discounts
Seniors and Military take 10% off

MultiPet Discount
 10% off your second pet!